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Hi I’m Chris Mancini, I believe that each dog is a unique individual often misunderstood when they could be a potential genius, so I support you by bringing the fun to science-based learning, so you and your dog can reach your full potential with easily achievable foundations.

"Chris is extremely knowledgeable and has a really friendly, informative way of teaching. I found her classes extremely useful."


"Chris is a lovely, knowledgeable trainer, who has a fabulous rapport with the dogs and their handlers. Highly recommended and I'm really pleased to see she'll be offering classes in Ulverston."

Sue Pickering, owner of Paws in Partnership

"Chris is a lovely friendly lady who has opened my eyes to the “new” methods of dog training, with great, very quick response. Highly recommended."

Allen Harvey, owner of Dougie

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We have done a number of online training classes with Chris to help us with our now 1-year-old Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy. Chris has been fantastic at helping us identify ways of keeping such a high energy, intelligent breed mentally stimulated and engaged, whilst also helping us learn about how our dog interprets the world and how dogs learn, so we can continue to develop our training with him. Would highly recommend to anyone

Rich and Milo

Lovely positivity towards all dogs with very friendly welcoming atmosphere- even on line. I liked Chris’s flexible approach and she always has excellent practical yet simple and easy to understand ideas for any situation that is arising for your individual dog Chris comes across as unflappable and very caring We are continuing to use her training every day to good effect She likes to involve the whole family and this is very effective We are looking forward to doing another course as our puppy enters the mad adolescent phase

Phil and Bernie

Chris is an exceptionally good dog trainer. Her years of experience have created a wealth of knowledge that is second to none. I know my dogs Google, Jeeves and Siri have benefited from her expertise in training me. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Sandy, Google and Siri